Why HomeShield Pest Control Is Number One In Anaheim Hills, CA

While there are many unique cities to be found in Los Angeles County, the most populous and second largest of these is Anaheim Hills, California. Roughly 50 families of German origin founded the city back in the late 1870s, naming it after the Santa Ana River only a few miles away. Anaheim stands out in public view as a home for large and expensive vacations, usually to places like Disneyland or the world-famous Angels Stadium.

Anaheim Hills is a planned community widely loved by the residents that call it home. It is an important part of the suburban landscape inside central California. However, there are some things about Anaheim Hills that homeowners would rather leave unsaid. This includes the spread of serious pest activity. Even the largest and most impressive properties can suffer from the effects of rats, spiders, and bed bugs, sometimes to damaging effects.

HomeShield Pest Control believes in developing safe pest treatments for everyone, investing in unique eco-friendly options that protect the people, pets, and the environments we love. We are not afraid to step outside our comfort zone, using over 10 years of experience to guide our remediation efforts. No one needs to be concerned about the fate of their home or business while living under the protection of HomeShield Pest Control. Put yourself on our service roster by reaching out to the team as soon as possible.

Residential Pest Control In Anaheim Hills, CA

At HomeShield Pest Control, all homes in Anaheim Hills are treated with the same high-quality level of protection and mitigation. We invest in features that benefit your entire family, including: 

  • 100% green insecticides that are safe for kids, pets, and properties 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with unlimited retreatments between visits 
  • 100% dedication to your unique pest control concerns

Call the team at HomeShield Pest Control today and learn more about the pests we eliminate under our home pest control plans in Anaheim Hills.

Beautiful Home In Anaheim Hills

Commercial Pest Control In Anaheim Hills, CA

All businesses in Anaheim Hills deserve the best possible pest control treatments for their properties. HomeShield Pest Control is a proud provider of commercial pest control for hundreds of industries in Orange County, many of which are located in Anaheim Hills. We service:

  • Healthcare Buildings 
  • Office Spaces 
  • Government Organizations 
  • Retail Malls 
  • Food Prep And Restaurants

Book a commercial pest control service for your Anaheim Hills business by submitting an online contact form. 

Is Professional Bed Bug Extermination Necessary In Anaheim Hills?

Large urban areas like Anaheim Hills seem almost impervious to pests like bed bugs. However, the possibility of infestation is rapidly rising in suburban areas and neighborhoods. Many people realize that do it yourself (DIY)  or home remedies are failing to address deep-rooted problems. This is why professional bed bug extermination is beginning to become increasingly popular. 

Here are some reasons why Anaheim Hills homeowners might want to consider professional bed bug extermination

  • Bed bugs lay eggs that are immune to certain treatments and sprays. The only way to successfully exterminate bed bug nymphs and eggs from the home is to invest in professional treatments that are supervised by trained technicians. 
  • Bed bugs are not known to spread any illness or disease, but they can still cause physical harm to people. Bites are often extremely itchy and may cause bleeding or secondary infections. Continuous bites may lead to insomnia in certain victims. Finally, at-risk individuals may experience anemia that requires professional medical treatment. 
  • Infestations related to bed bugs are often extremely serious in that they cannot be exterminated using DIY methods. Some over-the-counter treatments may affect some of the population, but they will not destroy the root. Further, these treatments may be toxic in large quantities and could endanger the welfare of your family. 

Instead of risking your Anaheim Hills home to bed bugs, trust in the reliable services of HomeShield Pest Control. Submit an online contact form to connect with an agent today. 

Four Ways To Prevent Black Widow Spiders In Your Anaheim Hills Home

Many types of spiders, particularly around Anaheim Hills, are classified as nuisance species. This means that they cannot harm human health or welfare, and are largely considered annoying or disquieting creatures. However, some spider species can significantly damage the human nervous system through powerful venom delivered through their fangs. One of these species includes the black widow spiders, one of Anaheim Hill’s most notorious arachnid pests. 

The following are four easy ways to prevent black widow spiders from entering your Anaheim Hills home:

  1. Use a form of waterproof caulking to seal up cracks and gaps in the house. 
  2. Eliminate additional water sources or points of humidity that could be conducive to spider colonization. 
  3. Wipe away webs from the sides of the home.
  4. Have your home inspected for an underlying pest infestation that could be drawing black widows inside.

The professional team at HomeShield Pest Control is ready and able to inspect your home at any time. Learn more about our pest control services for venomous spiders or book a black widow spider inspection now by calling our Anaheim Hills office. 

Specialty Services We Provide In Anaheim Hills

At HomeShield Pest Control, we provide a variety of specialty pest control services, including the following options:

a wasp in a house

Ant Prevention And Control Tips From Anaheim Hills Exterminators

Keeping ants out of your home – especially dangerous ants like fire ants or carpenter ants – is a vital part of pest control in our area because ants are everywhere. They're one of the most common animals on the planet. Ants provide a foundational brick for the food chain, and many ecosystems couldn't exist without them. However, your house sure can!

As much good as they do the ecosystem, ants can be a real pain in your home. That's why you'll want to employ the following preventative ant control solutions to keep your home safe:

  • Store all pantry foods in airtight containers.
  • Never leave dirty dishes – including pet bowls – sitting out, not even in the sink. 
  • Always keep indoor and outdoor trash cans covered with tight lids. 
  • Fix moisture issues like leaky pipes and clogged drainage. 
  • Seal off potential entry points like cracks and holes. 

Ants can be tough to get rid of, so an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to ant control. Strictly following the above ant prevention tips can go a long way to making your home less attractive to all ant species. 

How To Tell If Your Anaheim Hills Home Has A Roach Problem

Cockroaches are ubiquitous just about anywhere, and California is no exception. In fact, roaches can be even more of a problem in Southern California because of our drought issues. Cockroaches need moisture. And when they can't get it outdoors, they move inside looking for water. 

Cockroaches in Anaheim Hills are nocturnal, and they're also very good at hiding from you. So your chances of running across a live cockroach are not that high, even if you have a severe infestation. That means you'll have to look for other signs, such as:

  • Smear marks from roaches crawling through water
  • A foul or musty odor
  • Cockroach egg capsules (these look like small brown pills) 
  • Shed roach exoskeletons

Of course, if you have a big enough roach infestation, you might start seeing live roaches crawling around. If you're seeing signs of roaches or actual cockroaches themselves, don't hesitate to contact professional help. OTC cockroach control products rarely get the whole infestation. That means the quicker you call in the experts, the quicker you can be safe from these disease-spreading vermin. 

Now Is The Time To Protect Your Anaheim Hills Home From Termites

Termites are one of the worst pests you can get in your Anaheim Hills home. They don't spread disease, and they can't sting or bite. But what they can do is eat right through the wood of your home and spread throughout your house. If you wind up with a termite infestation, it can destroy your house around you while you're none the wiser. 

This is because termites don't really need to leave their nests. Unlike ants, they don't have to forage for food. So your chances of seeing a live termite are low, even if they live all over your house! Even worse, you may not see signs of termites until they've already done significant damage to your home. That means the best thing you can do to protect yourself is have an annual termite inspection.

A professional pest control technician can help ensure you're catching termite problems early so you can nip them in the bud before they spread. Experts can also help you determine if conducive conditions around your house could lead to termite problems down the road. That way, you can stop infestations before they start. 

Five Easy Ways To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Anaheim Hills Home

Rats and mice are what many people think of when they think of pests – and not without reason. Rodents present a triple threat because they destroy property, spread disease, and introduce secondary infestations all at once. That's why you've got to take every step to keep rats and mice out of your home. The good news is there are a few easy ways to do just that:

  1. Make sure all the potential entryways like ventilation holes or openings to crawl spaces have strong netting over them. 
  2. Store pantry foods in hard plastic or metal containers to thwart chewing. 
  3. Consider getting a cat or dog – rodents don't like to live with their predators. 
  4. Always keep indoor and outdoor trash covered with tight lids.
  5. Eliminate all potential water sources that you can. 

Sticking with these rodent-repelling measures can help encourage them to move on to easier pickings, but they're not always effective. If your prevention measures fail, you should always contact the pros! It's better to let the experts at HomeShield Pest Control handle your rodent infestation than try to get rid of it yourself using ineffective snap traps and dangerous rat poisons.