Fullerton, California: Living The Good Life With HomeShield Pest Control

Fullerton, CA is truly a place to grab life by the horns. Determined to take advantage of all that Orange County has to offer, the city’s 135,000 residents find a host of things to do and see in their small slice of the Los Angeles metro. Between the warm winters and tropical summers of this area, it seems as though the fun could never really end. Hundreds of artists, actors, and musicians have flocked to Fullerton to gain inspiration and insight into the creative arts. Fullerton is widely considered to be the birthplace of the quintessential electric guitar.

Living life to the fullest is just another byproduct of living in Fullerton, CA. Sadly, another much less desirable byproduct has to do with pest activity. While Fullerton is not as infestation-heavy as the neighboring city of Los Angeles, there is a considerable number of pests around the area. Not only do pests jeopardize the health and safety of Fullerton homeowners, but they also risk the reputation of commercial properties as well.

Luckily, the team at HomeShield Pest Control has the answers you need to succeed. We offer effective pest control treatments for Orange County, including the city of Fullerton. More than a decade of dedicated services have allowed us to meet the needs of hundreds of Fullerton property owners, making them pest-free for good. To learn more about our unique pest control services, or to schedule an initial visit with our team, please call our local Fullerton, CA branch.

Residential Pest Control In Fullerton, CA

At HomeShield Pest Control, residential pest control services are our primary specialty. Since our establishment in 2009, we have built a legacy of success and determination through the infestations we have eliminated. There’s no job too small or pest too big for the crew at HomeShield Pest Control!

When we approach a home for treatment, we evaluate the five major factors of entry and infestations: the interior, exterior, garage space, lawn, and perimeter of the property. We are proud to be a supplier of EcoSMART Technologies, one of the leading eco-friendly manufacturers in the world. By applying a 100% green insecticide to the weaker entry points of your home, HomeShield Pest Control all but guarantees your safe and pest-free household environment. 

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Beautiful Home In Fullerton

Commercial Pest Control In Fullerton, CA

From office spaces and government buildings to retail stores and restaurants, pests are a frequent and dangerous factor for commercial properties. While pests are not always present, their ability to harm and otherwise destroy your overall reputation is very significant. It goes without saying that prevention, protection, and elimination are important aspects of survival for commercial industries in Fullerton, CA.

Since 2009, hundreds of grateful business owners have trusted the impactful work of HomeShield Pest Control. We strive to make our treatment services effective in any environment, serving industries such as:

  •     Childcare Facilities
  •     Food Prep Services
  •     Healthcare Buildings
  •     Offices And Rental Space
  •     Multi-Family Housing 

We understand that your clients and employees are valuable to you, and should be treated with the utmost care and respect. That’s why we choose to use 100% safe and effective treatments that eliminate threats without creating more. We treat your business the way we would like ours to be treated!

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Cockroach Control Advice For Fullerton Residents

If you are struggling with cockroach control around your Fullerton home, you're certainly not alone. Here is some helpful advice for keeping roaches well away from your property:

  • Keep the lawn extremely well maintained, trimming away all grass, bushes, and trees from the sides of the home. 
  • Exterminate sources of standing water around the yard and inside the home. Have any clogged drains or leaking pipes repaired by a trusted local contractor. 
  • Lock up all food and garbage sources, storing each in their proper areas. 

If cockroaches have already infested your property, let HomeShield Pest Control help you get back on track. Contact us to learn more about our Fullerton, CA cockroach extermination services or schedule a cockroach inspection online to get the ball rolling.

Are The Spiders In Fullerton Poisonous?

There are several hundred varieties of spiders currently living in the Fullerton area. Most spider species are technically venomous and all spiders have fangs that can be used to bite prey. However, the vast majority of spiders are not dangerous as their venom is unable to make a significant impact on human welfare. Many species including the house spider, wolf spider, and cellar spider are simply considered harmless nuisance pests. However, some varieties can be a serious threat to humans. Some of the venomous spiders in Fullerton, CA include black widow spiders and desert recluse spiders.

If you are concerned about the spider species lurking around your Fullerton home, get in contact with us today to learn more about our professional spider control and de-webbing services or to get your spider inspection.

Specialty Services We Provide In Fullerton

At HomeShield Pest Control, we provide a variety of specialty pest control services, including the following options:

a wasp in a house