What are cockroaches?

In California, we have many different species of cockroaches we have to keep away from our homes and businesses, such as:

  • American cockroaches
  • German cockroaches
  • Oriental cockroaches
  • Brown-banded cockroaches

Cockroaches are scavenging pests that will take advantage of any indoor or outdoor space that offers them food, water, and shelter.

Cockroaches are medium to large-sized insects with flat bodies that allow them to move through the smallest of spaces with ease. Ease of movement coupled with their prolific breeding habits mean that cockroaches can invade in large numbers, making them a tricky pest to prevent and eliminate.

an american cockroach on a bathtub

Are cockroaches dangerous?

Where cockroaches naturally feed and live makes them dangerous pests. You should never tolerate the presence of cockroaches in or around your home. Damp and unsanitary places such as sewers, drains, garbage disposals, kitchens, and bathrooms are places cockroaches frequent.

As they travel around your home, they will contaminate food and surface with the pathogens, parasites, and bacteria they carry on their bodies and legs and in their saliva and excrement. Cockroaches are also triggers for skin and respiratory allergies in addition to asthma attacks. Their feces and shed skins produce a lot of allergens.

Why do I have a cockroach problem?

Any of our California homes or businesses could become a place that will allow cockroaches to feed, breed, and thrive. The cockroaches that we regularly find in our structures are the species that know the benefits of living near people. They have come to realize their lives are made easier by using our properties as a place to gain access to their basic needs!

It is also important to note that cockroaches will hitchhike from one indoor space to another. These pests often get into our homes inside secondhand items such as furniture or appliances or inside boxes or deliveries.

Where will I find cockroaches?

You will find some species of cockroaches living mainly outdoors and others living primarily indoors. Areas outside where you will find cockroaches living include:

  • Behind tree bark
  • Under mulch
  • In woodpiles
  • Leaf litter
  • Around trash receptacles or dumpsters
  • Near sewers or drains

Inside our homes, places you'll find cockroaches living include:

  • In spaces under or behind sinks or tubs
  • Near drains or sump pumps
  • Behind cabinets and appliances
  • Behind wall voids
  • Inside of clutter
  • In attic spaces

How do I get rid of cockroaches?

Getting rid of cockroaches as quickly and thoroughly as possible is essential. Cockroaches are disease-spreading damaging pests that do not belong in our homes or businesses. At HomeShield Pest Control, we offer kid-friendly, pet-friendly, and eco-friendly residential pest control services, providing our customers with comprehensive solutions to their pest problems.

Our professionals can accurately identify the cockroach species present, know where they like to hang out, and will find and treat all the cockroaches living throughout your home, ensuring a reinfestation won’t occur. If you live in the Sacramento Valley or Southern California area and would like to learn more about our cockroach extermination services and working together to rid your home of cockroaches, give us a call today!

How can I prevent cockroaches in the future?

Some of our most helpful cockroach control and exclusion tips to protect your California property from the cockroaches that call our region home are listed below.

  • Keep your home’s kitchen clean to ensure there isn’t any food debris lying around that cockroaches can use as a food source.
  • Always store food either in the refrigerator or in containers with locking lids.
  • Keep cabinets and pantries free of crumbs and spills.
  • Reduce the moisture that helps cockroaches thrive by quickly repairing leaky pipes, keeping sinks and tubs free of excess water, and keeping bathrooms and kitchens well ventilated.
  • Eliminate clutter from basements, closets, and other storage areas where cockroaches can hide.
  • Always inspect secondhand items and deliveries for cockroaches before bringing them into your home.

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