Trusted Pest Management In Foresthill, CA

A hidden gem at the forks of the American River, the town of Foresthill truly lives up to its name. Surrounded by rocky hills, thick shrubs, and lush trees, this community of 1,500 people has the opportunity to experience a different side of California. Although many of the home and business owners in Foresthill commute to other cities, some locations in town still draw a crowd. Main street is filled with many historical buildings and signposts that discuss Foresthill's relationship with gold hunters.

Foresthill residents get to experience the rare rural nature of Sacramento. However, this location is also subject to a host of rural-related setbacks such as wild animals, rodent species, and dangerous insects. Foresthill residents choose HomeShield Pest Control for all their pest management needs to protect themselves and those they love. Apply for a residential or commercial pest control plan over the phone today.

Residential Pest Control In Foresthill, CA

At HomeShield Pest Control, we believe that your home deserves more than cookie-cutter plans and high-toxicity chemicals. Hundreds of homeowners around Foresthill have come to rely on us for a mix of cutting-edge products, Integrated Pest Management techniques, and service with a smile.

Here’s a sneak peek at the five-point system we use in our residential pest control programs in Foresthill, CA:

  1. Inspections and sprays around the interior of the home 
  2. Adding mitigation, abatements, and entry point controls along the exterior of the home 
  3. Checking the garage or other storage areas for signs of pest activity 
  4. Creating a border of protection around your lawn by treating at-risk locations 
  5. Using products to create a solid perimeter around the home

Call HomeShield Pest Control today to dramatically decrease the number of pests on your Foresthill property.

street view of a gray two story house

Commercial Pest Control In Foresthill, CA

Your Foresthill customers rely on you to keep them safe, healthy and satisfied at all times. No matter what industry your business falls into, you can be sure that we have what it takes to develop a customized commercial pest control plan for any pest. HomeShield Pest Control offers only the strongest eco-friendly products available, working to protect your family members, leads, employees, and clients no matter what.

We are proud to serve Foresthill businesses in the following industries:

  • Places of worship 
  • Vehicle dealerships 
  • Childcare centers 
  • Strip malls and retail stores 
  • Healthcare offices 
  • Manufactories or warehouses 
  • Property management groups

If you are unable to locate your industry on our list, HomeShield Pest Control may still be able to help. Submit one of our online contact forms to get connected with one of our commercial pest control specialists right away. 

Foresthill's Guide To Rodent Control & Removal

There could be many reasons why rats and mice have made their way to your Foresthill home. Rodents have become increasingly more reliant on human activity over the years, and today are now almost incapable of surviving on their own.

If you think that rodents could be living around your property, you will need to contact a professional pest control company such as HomeShield Pest Control. However, if you believe that your property is still safe from harm, you can begin applying some tried-and-true rodent prevention methods:

  • Seal the cracks and gaps around your house with waterproof caulking. If this is not available, look for some mitigation screens or other types of abatement controls. 
  • Keep the food and garbage around your home sealed in proper containers. Do not allow food to sit on the counter very long. All garbage should be kept in plastic liners and sealed inside airtight bins. 
  • Perform a deep cleaning of the home to remove any food or water providing rodents with nourishment.

Proper rodent removal always begins with HomeShield Pest Control. Contact us to learn more about our rodent control and exclusion services or schedule your first rodent inspection online today.

Are There Venomous Spiders In Foresthill?

According to professional etymologists, the vast majority of spiders in Foresthill should be considered nuisance pests. In other words, they are unable to harm humans to any significant degree. While all spiders have fangs and some form of venom, they are unlikely to affect the health and wellness of anything larger than an insect. However, it should be said that there are venomous spiders in the Foresthill area. Black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders are just a few examples of these.

Venomous spider bites may result in:

  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Tissue death and damage 
  • Stinging or burning sensations
  • Paralysis 
  • Extreme swelling 

All spider bites should be considered health risks. Please consult with medical professionals if you have a spider bite. To prevent venomous arachnids from reaching your property, call HomeShield Pest Control for spider control for your Foresthill, CA property. Our operatives are standing by to chat online during business hours. Reach out to learn more right away!