The Crown Of HomeShield Pest Control: Corona, California

Over 154,000 people agree that Corona, CA truly lives up to its namesake as the ‘crown’ of Riverside County. Corona is a larger city located at the feet of the Santa Ana Mountains and Cleveland National Forest. At nearly 100 miles away from the bustle of Los Angeles, Corona is just far enough from the big city to enjoy a quieter side of life.

With a calm, cool, and private atmosphere, Corona has attracted many celebrities and well-known people to the neighborhood. However, not all of these ‘celebrities’ and famous residents are well-loved. Certain long-term visitors, including spiders, earwigs, and rodents, are the most recognized and equally most disliked ‘celebrities’ in Corona. These creatures get lots of attention from nearby homes and business owners—in a less-than-flattering way. Today, a large percentage of Corona residents invest in professional pest control solutions that not only provide protection from pests but ensure ongoing security as well.

HomeShield Pest Control is one of these professional companies, faithfully serving the Corona area since 2009. We stand out from our competition by offering 100% green insecticides and Integrated Pest Management solutions that work hand-in-hand with the natural environment. To eliminate problem pests without fear, set up an initial appointment with HomeShield Pest Control now. 

Residential Pest Control In Corona, CA

Pest infestations of any kind can be extremely difficult to cope with. Infestations occurring inside of Corona homes may be even more so.

HomeShield Pest Control offers residential pest control plans to homeowners all over Corona, CA. We currently treat these and many other pests:

  •     Ants 
  •     Rodents
  •     Spiders
  •     Occasional Invaders 
  •     Stinging Insects 
  •     Cockroaches 
  •     Bed Bugs 
  •     Fleas 
  •     Ticks 

Your home is just as important to us as it is to you. Learn more about HomeShield Pest Control and our residential pest control plans by connecting with us online.

Beautiful Home In Corona

Commercial Pest Control In Corona, CA

HomeShield Pest Control has been providing commercial pest control for businesses in Corona since its inception in 2009. We have developed a unique service program that aims to treat every aspect of your property and keep pests out before they wander inside.

When we visit your property, we will take the following five steps: 

  1. Sweep the eaves, overhangs, entryways, and windows for exterior pest activity 
  2. Spray the exterior foundations of your buildings
  3. Discourage outdoor nesting by scattering treated granules in flower beds
  4. Take a closer look at doorways, window joints, bushes, and shrubs
  5. Treat indoor areas on an as-needed basis

Chat with us online to get started on a commercial pest control plan for your Corona business.

A Spider Control Guide For Corona, CA Homeowners

Arachnids are a species of pest that rarely choose to wander inside. While some parasitic varieties like ticks might hitchhike indoors, spiders usually choose to keep their distance.

If spiders are beginning to cause problems for both you and your household, there may be other factors at play. In fact, an increased spider presence could point toward a potential secondary pest infestation around the house.

If you are interested in keeping spiders out before they get too close, enact each of the following arachnid control tips for your Corona home

  • Wipe away any webs or nests that have been built around the corners of your home. This includes both interior and exterior spaces. 
  • Look for new methods of sealing off entry points. Invest in new screens, weatherproofing, and exclusionary tactics. 
  • Practice good general pest control. This means taking all precautions indoors and outside as well as investing in an ongoing residential pest control plan. 
  • Have your home inspected for secondary pests by the team at HomeShield Pest Control. We can accurately assess your pest concerns within a matter of minutes.

Get in touch with the team here at HomeShield Pest Control to learn more about our spider control and web removal services or submit a contact form to request a complimentary spider inspection for your home.

How To Spot And Stop Earwigs On Corona Properties

The vast majority of homeowners in Corona have earwigs around their kitchens or basements. Earwigs are moisture-loving pests that enjoy dark, damp, less-trafficked sections of the home, particularly basements, attics, kitchens, and crawlspaces. Thankfully, earwigs are not known to cause any harm to humans, their pets, or their homes. Instead, the earwig is a disconcerting creature that may cause distress or anxiety in Corona homeowners.

Here’s how to stop earwigs in Corona, CA from continuing to invade your home: 

  • Limit the amount of moisture present in the home. This specifically includes the use of dehumidifiers to reduce humidity as well as sealing any leaking pipes. 
  • Clean clutter away from areas of the home that could harbor earwig populations.  
  • Contact HomeShield Pest Control to establish a pest barrier that will eliminate future incursions to your property.  

For additional tips, tricks, and pest infestation prevention, submit an online contact form to the team at HomeShield Pest Control. 

What Everyone Ought To Know About Corona Ticks & Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is increasing all over the United States, meaning you've got to be more careful not just when enjoying all the outdoor fun California has to offer but potentially on your own property as well. Ticks – including those that spread Lyme disease – are becoming more and more common in urban areas thanks to a host of issues ranging from a warming climate to shrinking wildlife habitats. If you have a lot of trees or shrubs on your property, your chances of exposure to ticks and the diseases they spread go up. 

It can be tough to tell if you have a tick problem because, typically, the surest sign is finding more and more ticks on yourself or your pets. If you want to ensure you don't have a tick problem without getting bitten first, it's best to have a home pest inspection done by professionals who can suss out where ticks are hiding and get rid of them before they expose you to dangerous pathogens like Lyme disease. 

Ants & Common Pest Problems In The Corona Area

Ant control is some of the toughest pest control you'll ever have to deal with because ants are so darn common. Ants are some of the most common animals on Earth, in fact. So keeping them out of your house can feel a little like the Curse of Sisyphus. You get rid of one ant infestation only to find another. 

However, because different ant varieties can threaten your health and even do termite-level damage to your home, you'll need to ensure you keep them away no matter how tough it is. Storing pantry foods in airtight containers and keeping all your trash cans under tight lids can go a long way, as can dealing with moisture around your home. However, for a truly ant-free dwelling, you'll need expert help – like the kind you can get here at HomeShield Pest Control! 

Here's What Makes Corona Cockroaches So Dangerous

Cockroaches wouldn't be dangerous if they didn't do one thing: spread disease. As it stands, however, cockroaches are known or suspected to spread over 40 different pathogens, from bacteria to viruses to parasites. Some diseases spread by cockroaches, like cholera and dysentery, can be deadly. Roaches spread germs by dragging them onto your home's surfaces after hanging out in sewage and other rotting material. They also have no compunction about pooping where they (and you) eat. 

All this means you need to implement preventative cockroach control measures. Stopping an infestation before it starts is the best way to keep yourself and your family safe. To make your home less attractive to roaches:

  • Cover all indoor and outdoor trash cans at all times. 
  • Store all foods either in airtight containers or in the fridge. 
  • Declutter to reduce roach hiding places. 
  • Never leave dirty dishes sitting out – not even in the sink. 
  • Fix moisture issues like leaky pipes and clogged drainage. 

Unfortunately, winding up with a roach infestation can happen anyway. If it does, don't waste your time with ineffective and potentially toxic cockroach control products. Just call the roach experts at HomeShield Pest Control. 

Is There Anything I Can Do To Avoid Bed Bugs In Corona?

A common misconception about bed bugs is that only "dirty" places get them. Most people think poorly maintained hotels or apartment buildings are the only places where a bed bug problem can develop. However, this is not the case at all. Bed bugs spread so easily that any place can get them anytime. All it takes is being in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

The two most significant ways that bed bugs spread are through travel and secondhand shopping. It's easy for homeowners to have bed bugs and not know it. When they travel to hotels – even clean hotels – or have a garage sale, they can unwittingly pass bed bugs to the hotels they stay in or the people who buy their secondhand items. If you happen to stay at the same hotel or pick up a contaminated item, congratulations! You've got bed bugs. It's that easy. 

You need to be most aware of bed bugs when you're on the road or secondhand shopping. To be totally safe from bed bugs, you shouldn't be secondhand shopping at all. But if you must, you should always inspect your purchases before bringing them into your home. And wash all secondhand items you can in the hottest water you can before wearing or storing them. When traveling, always check the mattress in your hotel for signs of bugs like shed exoskeletons and tiny bloodstains on sheets or other bedding. If you start seeing these signs in your own bed, call bed bug control experts right away.