Pest Control In La Sierra, CA

Known for its prestigious La Sierra University, La Sierra is a neighborhood that resides within Riverside, California, and is home to just over 41,000 residents. La Sierra is appealing to families because of its robust public school system, and business owners looking to set up shop are sure to get plenty of customers. Unfortunately, the pest population has exploded, driving Riverside County pest control needs through the roof. At HomeShield Pest Control, we provide La Sierra residents with the highest-quality, eco-friendly pest control in Riverside County.

Residential Pest Control In La Sierra

Your home is your castle. When pests invade, it can be a frustrating and long-lasting experience. Since 2009, HomeShield Pest Control has helped La Sierra residents with prompt, professional residential pest control services that re-establish their peace of mind. Your safety and wellbeing are our top priorities. Our expert technicians follow a proven formula to ensure your home is secured, inside and out complete. We include:

  • Interior inspections
  • Exterior inspections
  • Garage inspections
  • Yard inspections
  • Perimeter inspections

No other residential pest control program is as thorough and complete as HomeShield Pest Control’s. Our licensed professionals perform each treatment, and after the first treatment, our 100% satisfaction guarantee kicks in. If pests have threatened the safety and health of your family, give us a call today for immediate assistance!

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Commercial Pest Control In La Sierra

As fellow business owners, we understand the work of running a business and managing its reputation. As more people move into the La Sierra area, it becomes a matter of when you get an infestation, not if. When that happens, HomeShield Pest Control is ready to assist with our various commercial pest control services. Some of the types of establishments we service include:

  • Daycares
  • Department stores
  • Restaurants 
  • Apartments
  • Warehouses

At HomeShield Pest Control, we care about the safety of your employees and patrons. Our commercial pest control services include eco-friendly products that are deadly to the pests but safe for humans, pets, and the environment. Not only does our 100% satisfaction guarantee begin after the first treatment, but we will provide ongoing treatments to ensure your business stays pest-free year-round. We are committed to keeping the La Sierra economy booming. Call us today to shield your business from an infestation.

A Practical Guide To Ant Prevention For La Sierra Homeowners

Ant pest control is essential for all La Sierra homeowners, as there are many different types of ants here. Some general ant prevention tips include:

  • Garden tidying: Start by cutting back the branches from shrubs, trees, and bushes that brush up against your home, as ants use these to get onto your house and look for holes.
  • Caulk up holes in your home: One of the best forms of ant pest control is to plug up any holes you find in the siding of your home, as this is a common way they get inside.
  • Clean: Make sure to clean your kitchen thoroughly. Sweep up all crumbs and wipe up any spills, as these attract ants.
  • Take out the garbage: When there is food in your trash, take it out as soon as possible. Store the garbage away from the physical house.

At HomeShield Pest Control, ant prevention and treatments are just one of the many pests we specialize in. A licensed technician will implement prevention strategies unique to your situation and permanently eradicate any existing infestation. Give us a call today to get on your path to an ant-free home!

Bird Problems To Avoid In La Sierra This Summer

When people think about pest control, many forget about pest bird control. However, this form of pest control is extremely important for La Sierra home and business owners, as several kinds of nuisance birds cause problems. These include: 

  • Pigeons: The pigeon population has significantly increased, so more birds are getting into human trash and leaving behind droppings that damage your property and pass on harmful diseases to humans.
  • House sparrows: This non-native species has aggressive nest-building tendencies, and when they set up shop in your yard, they disrupt the ecosystem in La Sierra and harm our native bird species. 
  • Crows: These large, black birds are known to be aggressive and could harm children and pets. 

At HomeShield Pest Control, we provide high-quality, effective bird control to ensure your property stays clean and safe for everyone. Contact us today if there are nuisance birds on your property.