Reliable Pest Management In Mira Loma, CA

Known initially as the city of Wineville, Mira Loma is an important part of the tourism industry in Jurupa Valley. Roughly 22,000 people chose to settle down within this Riverside County city, commuting to Eastvale and Riverside as needed. While this town has a rich history that once attracted national attention, the modern city prefers to keep to itself.

Mira Loma is known as a private and almost rural area, best for those who wish to take life at a different pace. Many home and business owners know each other by name and enjoy having deep connections with their neighbors and peers. Despite its relative position away from larger cities, Mira Loma still struggles with seasonal bouts of pest activity. As time goes on, more and more pests are being reported in local homes, concerning many locals.

Pest control in Mira Loma is an important part of daily life, which is why the team at HomeShield Pest Control provides pest control services for Riverside County and strives to make every treatment our best one yet. We have been an important part of Mira Loma’s protection and prevention since 2009, blazing a trail for more than a decade. See why your Mira Loma neighbors have so much to say about HomeShield Pest Control. Book an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Residential Pest Control In Mira Loma, CA

At HomeShield Pest Control, we believe that 100% satisfaction should be the goal in every service we complete. To make our residential services 100% satisfaction guaranteed, we promise to inspect, treat, and follow up on every aspect of the home and property.

Our residential pest plans will include the following three steps:

  1. An initial visit that includes customized inspections, treatments, and identifications. 
  2. Ongoing assistance in the form of a follow-up visit. 
  3. Continuous treatments that adapt to the changing California landscape, as well as fluctuating temperatures and seasonal pest activity.

Learn more about Mira Loma, CA residential pest control plans with HomeShield Pest Control by chatting with us online.

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Commercial Pest Control In Mira Loma, CA

All businesses in Mira Loma have access to HomeShield Pest Control’s professionally vetted commercial pest control plans. Since 2009, we have offered access to the following treatments and services:

To get started with these targeted treatments or our other commercial pest control services in Mira Loma, give us a call today. HomeShield Pest Control is looking forward to meeting your needs.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Mira Loma?

Getting rid of bed bug problems around Mira Loma is no small feat. These pests are considered to be ‘hitchhiking’ parasites, using travel and public spaces to move from place to place. Although bed bugs do not specifically target certain homes over others, they may be more inclined to settle down in areas where they will be less conspicuous.

If you are not currently experiencing the signs and symptoms of a bed bug problem in Mira Loma, consider following these helpful steps:

  • Store all luggage, backpacks, or side bags off the floor while traveling. If possible, store bags on overhead racks or baggage compartments. 
  • Make sure you wash all clothing on the highest heat setting after returning from a trip. This includes everything wearable in your bag, including items you did not use. 
  • Be cautious of purchasing secondhand items, accessories, or furniture. Be sure to inspect all items for signs of bed bug activity before your final purchase.

If bed bugs have already begun to appear around your Mira Loma home, prevention will no longer be a viable next step. Instead, contact HomeShield Pest Control for affordable bed bug control plans in Mira Loma you can count on.