Your Florida Rodent Control & Exclusion Experts

If you're hearing the scurrying of little feet and gnawing inside your walls like thousands of other homeowners across the country, rodents are probably to blame. Mice and rats in Florida are among the most common rodents to invade people's dwellings, searching for shelter and food and making themselves at home once inside. Nobody likes unwelcome guests, especially small, destructive, disease-infested rodents. So, how do you get rid of them, or better yet, keep them from entering in the first place? HomeShield Pest Control has the answers to all of your rodent questions.

At HomeShield Pest Control, we work with homeowners to ensure their homes are bug and rodent-free. We understand the areas in Florida and the inherent weaknesses that allow rodents to infiltrate your home. If you are dealing with an infestation of mice, rats, or other rodents, then setting traps will be an important part of eliminating the rodents. Call now to learn more about our Rodent Control and Exclusion program in Florida.

Our Florida Rodent Exclusion Process

At HomeShield Pest Control, each rodent exclusion service includes the following steps:


The first part of rat and rodent-proofing any home or portion of a home is to inspect the area. During this process, we keep our eyes out for the telltale signs that rodents have invaded or could invade your space. These signs include droppings, signs of chewing, nesting materials, or any holes or openings that rats and rodents could fit through. You may also be hearing sounds in your attic or walls.


Through the inspection process, we identify weaknesses in your home's protective barriers — entryways where rodents can make their way into and out of your home. These can be large or small and hard to spot to the untrained eye. Rats, mice, and other rodents are wily, dexterous creatures that can fit through very small openings and even scale walls. It often takes a professional eye and someone with years of experience to identify all entry points rodents could be using.


Once we identify these weaknesses in your structure, we work to shore them up and seal off entry points, closing off their ability to make their way into your home. We do this by closing up holes and reinforcing weak barriers. Often insulation and drywall are hiding rodent entry points. The sealing process could require insulation replacement and repair to ensure your home is 100% rodent-proof.

Clean Up*

We always recommend an attic cleanup for homeowners that have dealt with a rodent infestation. An attic cleanup ensures the removal of any hazardous rodent droppings and the complete decontamination of the space. This process keeps your family safe and healthy and eliminates odors that could attract new rodents.

*This step is optional but recommended!


Since rodents are pesky pests that find and create ways to burrow into your home, we recommend ongoing monitoring, especially if you have had rodent problems in the past. When you work with HomeShield Pest Control, this monitoring comes included in our standard pest control service.

Household Rodent Prevention Tips

Rodents are small pests that can quickly overwhelm your home if you don't immediately address an infestation. Often, the most effective way to stop a rodent problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Use the following prevention tips to keep mice and rats from invading:

  • Store food in airtight containers and keep fresh produce in the refrigerator.
  • Block entryways into your home by filling cracks in the foundation and sealing door gaps and windowsills with weatherstripping.
  • Regularly de-clutter your home to eliminate hiding spaces for rodents.
  • Cover garbage cans and waste bins with tight-fitting lids.

The Best Rodent Control Service In Florida

Some pest infestations can be more stubborn than others and will always find a way into your home or business where there is an opportunity to fulfill their basic needs. Rodents can be persistent home invaders, and it's always best to reach out to a licensed pest control provider for help with removing them from your property. Reach out to HomeShield Pest Control today to request a free quote for rodent pest control in Florida.