Reliable Pest Management In Foothill Farms, CA

Foothill Farms, CA is one of the many communities that make Sacramento County so special. Unfortunately, the area is home to many property-invading pests that threaten local homes and businesses. As such, if you are a Foothill Farms home or business owner, you need to be prepared for these pests if you want to keep your property safe.

At HomeShield Pest Control, we utilize a pest control process that targets five key points around your property to ensure all pests are eliminated. We’re so confident in our service, that we offer a 100% service guarantee which includes unlimited free maintenance calls between regular services. Contact us today to receive a free quote, or continue reading to learn a bit more about some of our Sacramento County pest control services.

Residential Pest Control In Foothill Farms, CA

At HomeShield Pest Control, we believe in targeting five key areas around your property to ensure all pests are eliminated from your home. These areas are the interior, exterior, garage, yard, and perimeter.

We begin by thoroughly inspecting these areas, looking for signs of life, harborage zones, and other conditions that are conducive to infestations. Treatments include direct product application to problem areas as well as preventative measures to reduce the chances of future infestations.

All products are eco-friendly and safe for your family and pets. Follow-up visits begin one month after your initial service. During these visits, your expert technician will address any issues that have arisen in the meantime and make any necessary adjustments to ensure you are receiving the most effective home pest control possible.

To receive a free quote and schedule your initial service visit, or to learn more about our residential pest control plans for Foothill Farms, give us a call today!

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Commercial Pest Control In Foothill Farms, CA

Pests present several issues for businesses as they can spread disease and damage property when they invade. To keep pests out of your business, you need effective commercial pest solutions that target all areas of infestations.

Our process begins with a thorough inspection of your property, both inside and out. During this inspection, we look for signs of life, entry points, and other conducive conditions. Based on our findings, we develop a treatment plan specific to your property’s needs. Our treatments address current pest activity and prevent future infestations from occurring.

All the products we use are eco-friendly and safe for your employees and customers. A month after your initial service, we will return to retreat your property and make any necessary adjustments. Additionally, with our 100% service guarantee, we will return between scheduled visits as many times as we need to should pest activity continue. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial pest management services.

Are Cockroaches Dangerous In Foothill Farms?

Everyone knows how gross cockroaches can be, but far fewer realize just how dangerous they are, too. Cockroaches like to reside in unsanitary locales such as sewers, drain pipes, and trash bins. While in these locations, they can pick up harmful bacteria and human pathogens on their spine-covered legs.

When they come into our homes, they bring those contaminants along with them, spreading them to any surface that they touch. These contaminants can lead to diseases such as:

  • Salmonellosis
  • Typhoid Fever
  • Cholera
  • Dysentery
  • Leprosy
  • Plague
  • Gastroenteritis

Because cockroaches can spread so many harmful disease-causing bacteria and pathogens, it’s important to address infestations immediately. Therefore, if you have a cockroach problem in your home, contact the professionals here at HomeShield Pest Control right away. Don’t let cockroaches threaten the health and safety of your family. Give us a call today to get started with cockroach control services in Foothill Farms, CA.

How To Find Quality Ant Control In Foothill Farms

Ants may be small pests, but they can cause big problems for homeowners. Ants can damage property, spread harmful bacteria, and some can inflict painful bites and stings. As such, effective ant control solutions are critical to keeping these unwanted pests away from your property.

When facing ant infestations, many people elect to take care of the problem on their own. Unfortunately, these DIY methods are rarely effective at eliminating entire infestations. Moreover, the more effective methods tend to be either expensive or require extensive knowledge about ants to be utilized effectively.

If you are facing an ant infestation on your Foothill Farms property, you should partner with the professionals here at HomeShield Pest Control. Our expert pest technicians have the required experience and knowledge to effectively eliminate any ant infestation you may be facing. Give us a call today to get started with Foothill Farms, CA ant control solutions that work for you and your property. 

Warning Signs Of Rodents In Your Foothill Farms Home

Despite the horror stories you've probably heard from others or seen online, pest infestations can often be subtle for a long time before you even notice you have a problem. In fact, this actually makes pest problems scarier. House rodents, for example, are very good at hiding, and by the time the warning signs of their presence are apparent, they've likely already been growing on your property for weeks.

Here are some of the main indicators of rodent infestations and why you need to turn straight to the pros for assistance if you notice these signs:

  • Odors: You'll most likely smell a rodent problem before you see one. Not only do they leave urine and droppings around, but they also generally contribute to musty odors that can permeate a home.
  • Noises: People often hear rodents before they see them, too. If you pick up on scratching or scrabbling noises inside your walls, there's a good chance it's rodents.
  • Damage: Rodents chew and claw at common household items and structural materials, both to burrow into nesting areas and to file down their front teeth. If you notice scratches or bite marks around your property, contact rodent control experts for help right away.

Instead of waiting until you spot these issues, you should get started on rodent control services for your Foothill Farms home before problems arise. At HomeShield Pest Control, we offer inspections that clue you into pest problems early on—before they can lead to property damage or other impacts. Contact HomeShield Pest Control to deal with rodents today.

Why Foothill Farms Homes Need Professional Protection From Termites

Termites are not a pest you want to take any chances with. The damage they cause can become extensive before you even know you have a termite problem. So, rather than waiting for the signs of a termite infestation to be noticeable, you should take early action to protect your Foothill Farms home from termites.

Termite colonies tend to form outdoors and below the ground, so it's unlikely you'll spot the earliest warning signs of their activity anyway. Once a colony grows its population, termites will seek out sources of wood, which includes the materials that make up most homes. They also get inside your walls and don't crawl around out in the open like other types of pests do, so they are much harder to spot.

To be certain you're protected, you need termite control and inspections of your entire property from trained experts. At HomeShield Pest Control, we can protect your home from termites before they lead to expensive and dangerous structural damage. We'll inspect both the interior and exterior of your house and your yard for signs of termite activity or damage so you know the entire scope of the problem is being addressed.

Your best chance of avoiding termite damage comes from professional inspections and treatments. So, don't wait for termites to already be a problem before you contact HomeShield Pest Control.

Call HomeShield For Stinging Insects Around Your Foothill Farms Home

Central California's winters are notoriously mild, so we get to enjoy the great outdoors pretty much all year long. But this also means that the outdoor pests that bite or sting us can also stay active year-round and put a damper on our fun. To deal with stinging insects in Foothill Farms, look no further than HomeShield Pest Control.

We can inspect your yard and the exterior of your house for harborage points and nests that give these pests a foothold on your property. From there, we design a treatment and control plan that meets your needs and is right for your home. From treatments that ward off seasonal pests to safe and effective removal methods for ones that are already there, the safest and simplest stinging insect control comes from the pros.

Protect yourself and your loved ones from stinging pests like bees, wasps, and more by contacting HomeShield Pest Control today.

Protect Your Foothill Farms Lawn From Gophers, Moles, & Voles

Pests like gophers, moles, and voles, are all known for living underground and digging obnoxious holes and tunnels around yards to get from place to place. Not only can this lead to unsightly and costly property damage to your Foothill Farms lawn, but these kinds of rodents are also known to carry diseases, making them a double threat.

To protect your lawn from destructive gophers and other tunneling pests, partner with HomeShield Pest Control for year-round protection. We can pest-proof your yard using treatments and exclusion methods that discourage these kinds of pests from digging their way onto your property in the first place. If gophers, moles, or voles have already moved into your yard, trained professionals are the only ones who can remove them safely and effectively.

Don't try to deal with these lawn pests on your own or wait until it's too late to avoid the serious damage they can do to your yard. Get lawn mole control, gopher control, and vole control services that you can rely on by contacting HomeShield Pest Control today.

Specialty Services We Provide In Foothill Farms, CA

At HomeShield Pest Control, we provide a variety of specialty pest control services, include the following options:

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