Premium Pest Control In Santa Clara, CA

Santa Clara is one of the Bay Area’s most beloved communities and with good reason. This city is home to countless museums and cultural centers, as well as local sports teams and numerous big tech companies. But it’s not only the industry that drives people to call Santa Clara their home. This city is known for the high quality of life that it provides residents with. There are clean and manicured parks, water access, biking areas, and a diverse array of neighborhoods. Simply put, whether you live in Santa Clara or are visiting on business, there is always something to do. Part of living in a city, however, means encountering pest infestations like pest birds or rodents. 

If you’re looking for premium pest control in Santa Clara, CA, then HomeShield Pest Control is the company for you. Since 2009, we have been passionate about finding the safest, highest-quality pest control solutions for our neighbors. When you partner with us, you’ll be working with a team of expertly trained professionals who use EcoSMART products. We will always take the time to listen to your concerns and treat your property as if it was our own. We even guarantee your satisfaction 100%. To request your free quote, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Santa Clara, CA

At HomeShield Pest Control, we are a company that was founded on the principle that the pest control industry could be changed for the better. Since 2009, we have made it our mission to live up to this ideal. To that end, we have spent over a decade listening to our customers and learning from each home that we serve. We genuinely care about your safety and satisfaction, which is why you can always expect thorough services, the use of products that are safe for your family, and a 100% guarantee on results. 

When you call us, we begin by providing a free, no-obligation quote so that you have total transparency. From there, we perform a multi-point property inspection so that we can identify active pests properly, see areas that could be a potential problem, and learn what treatments your home needs. Indoors, we create a protective shell that repels pests and we also treat hard-to-reach areas like beneath the sink. In garages, yards, and exteriors, we may lay granular bait, take down spider webs, and treat all cracks and crevices. The products that we use are EcoSMART, which are the only 100% green products on the market. For more information on residential pest control, call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Santa Clara, CA

At HomeShield Pest Control, we believe that protecting our Santa Clara community starts in your place of business. Whether you operate a school, store, eatery, office building, or warehouse, you are an important hub in your neighborhood. And when pest problems arise on your property, they may spread property damage and health risks to those who live around you. In order to combat pest problems while causing limited impact on the environment, we rely on comprehensive treatment plans that use EcoSMART products, which are the only products that are completely green. 

Our commercial services always entail detailed property evaluations that are performed by licensed technicians. During these visits, we check for conducive conditions and the development of new pest problems. We’ll also use this time to check on the efficacy of the products that we’ve put into place. Some of the services that you might receive include treating harborage areas, door frames, exterior perimeters, flower beds, and much more. It’s standard for us to return one month after the initial visit to check on your progress. From there, we’ll move on to a maintenance schedule that will help achieve your pest control ideals. To learn more about our commercial pest control offerings, please call us today.

How Santa Clara Home & Business Owners Can Prevent Pest Birds

Pest birds are some of the worst pests that Santa Clara businesses and homeowners can have around their properties. They can cause serious property damage with their nests and droppings, and can potentially be the source of histoplasmosis that spreads through their fecal matter. In order to keep these types of pests off of local properties, try the following tips:

  • Eliminate water sources: Like many other creatures and pests, birds need a water source and they aren’t fussy about where they find it. Be sure to keep downspouts clear and running, fix leaky pipes and hoses, and keep buckets and other yard fixtures from collecting stagnant water. 
  • Try decorating: Decoy animals like owls, cats, and coyotes may provide some relief from birds but it’s important to move them around on a regular basis. People may also find some relief by using shiny balloons or hanging CDs off of trees. 
  • Store trash securely: When trash bins are kept outside, make sure that they are properly covered and that they get removed routinely. 
  • Bring in assistance: Pest birds are the type of animal that the average person cannot control nor should they try. By working with a licensed pest expert, people will benefit from ethical practices that deter birds and keep their properties safe throughout the year. 

For more information on bird control, call HomeShield Pest Control today.

Why Bees Around Your Santa Clara Home Should Be Left To The Pros

If you see bees around your Santa Clara home, do not attempt to eliminate them on your own. Instead, consider seeking professional help for the following reasons:

  • Some are aggressive. While most bees are docile and don’t seek human attention, some may be more easily provoked, so trying to deal with them could get you stung. 
  • They’re essential to the environment. If you were to try to remove a hive on your own, you might be causing unnecessary damage to a hive that is vital to the ecosystem. You may even harm the bees. 
  • Sometimes hives are located in tricky areas. It’s not uncommon for bees to create their hives alongside homes or even inside of walls, which you wouldn’t be able to reach anyway.

At HomeShield Pest Control, we specialize in bee control that is environmentally sound and that will not harm the bees. We offer beehive relocation, hive removal from inside of walls, and eco-friendly product treatments to keep new bees from appearing. You can enlist these services either on a one-time basis or a recurring one and we always guarantee them 100%. For more information, call us today.