Quality Pest Control In Suisun City, CA

Suisun City is a uniquely situated community that offers water access while also having an expansive nature preserve within reach. Residents of Suisun City enjoy waterfront dining, lots of local shops, walkable neighborhoods, and the ability to go anywhere with stellar public transportation. While living here may seem like paradise, it isn’t without its pest problems that can cause trouble throughout the year. Residents aren’t strangers to spiders, silverfish, bed bugs, and more. 

When you need quality pest control in Suisun City, CA, look no further than HomeShield Pest Control. We are a locally owned company that’s been in operation since 2003. Our top priority has always been the safety and satisfaction of our community. To make this a reality, we’ve created comprehensive service offerings, staffed licensed and certified technicians, and offer customer support unlike anywhere else. We are a full-service company, so we offer general pest programs as well as ones for specific pests such as termites, mosquitoes, bed bugs, and rodents. Either way, your home or place of business will always be pest-free. Call us today for your free estimate!

Residential Pest Control In Suisun City, CA

At HomeShield Pest Control, your safety is our top priority. We are a locally owned company that treats every home as if it were our own. Our company has 20 years of experience providing these services and we always aim to be courteous, helpful, and friendly in our interactions with you. Homeowners love working with us because our methods are safe, we’re very discreet, and we create real results.

When you need year-round protection from any number of common invaders, our home pest control program is for you. It utilizes EcoSMART products, which are the only completely green products that are proven effective. They are safe for everyone in your household, including pets and children. We also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if any pests appear between your visits, we’ll provide service calls at no inconvenience to you. Some of the services we provide during our home visits include developing an interior barrier, treating window joints, sweeping rafters, granulating mulch beds, and much more. We also offer individual services for pests such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, rodents, and bed bugs so you’re always protected from pests. For more information on home pest control in Suisun City, CA, call us today!

Commercial Pest Control In Suisun City, CA

Whether you run a commercial kitchen, a warehouse, or a school, you may find yourself faced with pest problems that you didn’t anticipate. And it’s not your fault; pest infestations can happen easily even when you think you’re doing everything right. Luckily, HomeShield Pest Control is here to help. We have been the area’s trusted pest experts for more than two decades and our commercial pest control in Suisun City, CA, never compromises on quality. All of our technicians are certified and insured in order to deliver the best work possible. We take the time to inspect every aspect of your business when we visit so that we have an ongoing understanding of pest activity and the potential for it. 

Part of our work involves locating entry points and making recommendations on the ways that your team can further reduce the possibility of attracting pests. And because we are focused on prevention and not solely eradication, we use a combination of well-rounded treatments. Some of those include addressing bushes and greenery, cracks and crevices, overhangs, entryways, and much more. To learn more about our services and receive your free estimate, call us today.

The Only Reliable Solution To Bed Bugs In Suisun City

Bed bugs can spread from one Suisun City property to another very easily. Sometimes employees unknowingly bring them into their place of work, which can then spread them into coworkers' homes. It’s also possible to bring home bed bugs in infested secondhand furniture or by staying in a hotel that had an outbreak. Once a home has bed bugs, they can be very hard to locate because they are nocturnal and live in hard-to-reach areas. Removing them requires the right products and methods as well as extreme precision, because missing a few bed bugs can result in a larger infestation. 

The most effective form of bed bug removal in Suisun City comes from HomeShield Pest Control. Our service begins with a whole-home inspection in order to locate the source and spread of bed bugs. They may be living in mattresses, as well as electrical outlets, closets, and living room furniture. Once we have this information, we’ll use our eco-friendly product line to target all of the hotspots that we’ve found. These services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so should any bed bugs remain, we won’t stop until they’re gone. For more information on getting rid of bed bugs, call us today.

Five Tips To Minimize Your Risk For Wasp Stings In Suisun City

Stinging insects can be harmful to your well-being, given their ability to sting repeatedly. Wasps are also notoriously territorial and aggressive, so even a mild movement can provoke them. In order to limit your risk of getting stung, try these five tips:

  1. Change personal habits. Instead of dressing in bold floral prints, opt for light-colored clothing. You’ll also want to use unscented hygiene products and detergent, skip perfume, and avoid using any sweet-smelling lotions. 

  2. Opt for different plants. Wasps are largely attracted to blossoming flowers in colors such as blue, purple, and pink. Instead of decorating with these colors, try plants such as marigolds, thyme, and citronella. 

  3. Reduce food sources. Wasps will also try to make a meal out of your old food, so always keep a lid on garbage bins, and if you’re eating outdoors, keep dishes covered between uses. You’ll also want to clean the grill after using it. 

  4. Make the yard unappealing to wasps. You can also trim back trees and greenery to restrict access to nesting sites, and drying out water sources like leaks may prove helpful too.

  5. Work with a professional. Removing old and active nests is a critical component of limiting wasp activity, and this is something best done by professionals. 

For more information on wasp control in Suisun City, call HomeShield Pest Control today.