Specialty Services For Your California Home

In addition to general pest control for your home or pest management for your business, we offer specific services for different types of pests as well as attic services and lawn care. Check out our service options below.

Gutter Protection For Your Home

HomeShield Pest Control is committed to the safety of you and your home. Known for our eco-friendly pest control products, we are also a proud reseller of GutterLock gutter protection systems. Leaves, twigs, and other debris can lead to damaged gutters, mold, roof and siding damage, foundation issues, and even property damage induced by animals, such as birds and squirrels. Lean more about our Gutterlock gutter protection services.

Attic Cleaning & Insulation Services

HomeShield is an expert in rodent control and exclusion, including attic cleaning and attic insulation services. As part of any attic cleanup, it is very common to inspect, remove, and replace sections of insulation. Rats often find their way into insulation, leaving behind droppings and other materials that can cause health issues or act as beacons to draw in new rodents. At HomeShield Pest Control, we provide attic insulation services. Our goal is to identify and eliminate all factors that could result in additional infestations, ensuring the safety and protection of those within the walls of your home.

Our Specialty Pest Control Services

In addition to our general pest control plans, we offer several pest-specific services, including the following options.

Ant Control

Learn more about our Sacramento ant control services.

Bed Bug Control

Learn more about our Sacramento bed bug control services.

Bird Control

Learn more about our Sacramento bird control services.

Cockroach Control

Learn more about our Sacramento cockroach control services.

Rodent Control

Learn more about our Sacramento rodent control services.

Spider Control

Learn more about our Sacramento spider control services.

Termite Control

Learn more about our Sacramento termite control services.