Pigeons are common birds in Los Angeles County. They're so common that most people don't pay much attention to them. If you are a business owner, it is likely that you are acutely aware of the problems pigeons can create. They leave excrement on sidewalks that present a slipping hazard. They leave excrement on structures which can lead to corrosion. They drop excrement from high places. They get into garbage and other dirty places and pick up disease-causing microorganisms. They make a mess. It is not good to have pigeons around. Unfortunately, it isn't easy to keep them away. The bird control and exclusion methods and products that are effective at deterring and controlling pigeons are complicated to install.

three pigeons on a los angeles commercial property

Bird Spikes

One of the most common pigeon deterrents is the installation of bird spikes. This form of control sounds worse than it actually is. The spikes don't poke the pigeons and cause them harm. They're a visual deterrent. When pigeons look for a safe place to land, they prefer to land where there aren't pointy things sticking up. When deployed as part of a multi-pronged bird control strategy, bird spikes can be effective. Unfortunately, you have to climb up to your roof and other key areas to install these spikes. This is a job that is best performed by a licensed professional. If an accident occurs, you're not the one taking the fall.

Shock Tracks

This is another product that can be effective at keeping pigeons away. As with bird spikes, this sounds like it would be harmful to the birds, but it isn't. The shock is very mild. It is only enough to let the pigeons know that they're not welcome. In the right locations, shock strips are the perfect solution. They have a low profile and are the right choice when you are concerned about aesthetics. But they're difficult to install and installation is done in high places.


One of the easiest bird deterrents is the installation of slopes. This product can make your ledges undesirable to pigeons as it makes it difficult for pigeons to comfortably utilize your ledges. But, once again, you have to get up to those ledges to install the product.

Bird Netting

If you have a large space that needs to be protected, bird netting is likely to be the right option. Netting can protect an outdoor eating area or seats where spectators will watch a sporting event. It can also prevent pigeons from getting into sensitive areas and contaminating foods or surfaces. The installation of netting can be even more unyielding than any of the deterrents mentioned so far. It is also possible to select the wrong size mesh. This can cause you to have to purchase more materials, and you'll have to get up there to do the job all over again.

Solar Panel Exclusions

Of all the deterrents on our list, this is probably the easiest. If you have solar panels on a roof that has a slight pitch, you may be able to perform this installation. But it becomes more dangerous as the pitch increases. While the installation can be straightforward, it is easy for an accident to occur.

The Best Solution For Bird Control In Los Angeles County

While you can attempt to get control of birds by installing these or other bird deterrents on your own, the best solution is to contact HomeShield Pest Control. Our licensed pest professionals are experienced and trained in the selection and installation of bird deterrents. We'll properly evaluate your structure and guide you toward the right products for your specific needs.

Once you've chosen the best solution for your property, our technicians will ensure that all the products are properly installed and working as they should. Best of all, we take all the risks and do all the work. You don't have to climb ladders, scale dangerous slopes, or work on constructing these deterrents in the hot Los Angeles sun. But this is only part of what we bring to the table.

You may not realize this but pigeons are incredibly smart birds. In a recent study, it was finally concluded that pigeons can, in fact, pass the mirror test. It was believed for some time that adequate testing had not been done to conclude whether or not pigeons displayed self-awareness by using a mirror to perform self-directed behaviors. This is no longer the case. Pigeons have recently joined a limited group of animals that are smart enough to pass this test. Keep this in mind as you consider applying deterrents to keep them away. Pigeons have been observed operating the mechanisms that control sliding glass doors such as motion detection and buttons. If you don't apply deterrents correctly, these smart birds are likely to outsmart you.

Get the best control for pigeons by reaching out to the commercial pest control experts at HomeShield Pest Control. We can help you find the best Los Angeles County commercial pest management plan for your business.