It may be that you have a particularly troublesome species of cockroaches in your home. Most cockroaches don't do well inside Sacramento homes. They lay their egg sacs (called oothecae) in very unsanitary locations such as the bottoms of dumpsters or garbage cans, or in sewers. The conditions that these cockroaches prefer are not likely to be found in your home because they smell awful.

There are a few cockroach species local to Sacramento County that don't need these conditions. Two that you may be familiar with are German cockroaches and American cockroaches. If you have one of these two species inside your Sacramento home, you're going to have trouble getting rid of them simply because they want to live with you. Let's take a look at a few more reasons why you might have trouble getting cockroaches out of your home.

a cockroach crawling in a basement

Poor Sanitation

This is somewhat of an extension of the point we made above. The preferred food source for cockroaches isn't what you may think. Not only do they seek out rotting organic matter in which to lay their eggs and feed their offspring, but they also seek out many rotting things to feed themselves, such as:

  • Decomposing organic material in your drains
  • The grease, oil, and grime on the sides of your oven
  • A juice spill underneath your refrigerator
  • A wet spot on your floor where you set a garbage bag down for a few minutes
  • Rotting juices or dampness in the bottom of your kitchen trash receptacle
  • Food remnants on improperly cleaned recyclables
  • Crumbs on your floor

Cockroaches love a home that has hidden food sources like these. However, as you consider cleaning your home to deter roaches, you need to consider food sources that aren't actually food to humans to be sure you are following the best prevention strategies for cockroaches. Cockroaches are known to eat:

  • Dead skin
  • Hair
  • Feces

We strongly recommend keeping your bathroom clean in an effort to deter roaches. Cockroaches can find food sources in a dirty bathroom.

Moisture Issues

There are a few cockroach species that will not stay in a home that is too dry as they prefer to be in damp or humid spaces. If you're having trouble getting rid of cockroaches, moisture may be your problem. Keep in mind that correcting this condition won't have an impact on German cockroaches as they can live in a home that is bone dry, but all other species can be impacted.

  • Repair leaky faucets. The periodic drip of a faucet will provide a drink of water for the cockroaches in your home.
  • Use your bathroom fan when taking a bath or shower, and refrain from taking a bath or shower before nightfall. Cockroaches are nocturnal insects that will come out at night searching for food and water resources.
  • Install fans, ventilation, or dehumidifiers in humid spaces. Not only will a humid space provide moisture for the skin of a cockroach, but it can also dampen paper and cardboard and turn these items into desirable food sources. Yes. Cockroaches can eat paper and cardboard. Additionally, if you have wallpaper in your home, they can do a number on the walls in humid rooms.

Open Food

While roaches have a preference for decaying food, they'll also eat food that is fresh. You may have trouble with roaches because they're accessing a fresh food source, such as:

  • The food in your pantry or kitchen cabinets
  • Uncovered food that is left on a counter
  • Fruit that is left out
  • Potatoes set on the floor of your pantry
  • Pet food left in a dish
  • Unclean dishes sitting next to the sink

If you're looking for ways to avoid attracting cockroaches, keep food in sealed containers, cover items that are left out, and consider ways to avoid leaving food out for roaches to eat.

Robust Insects

A more direct reason why you may be having trouble getting rid of cockroaches is that these are incredibly robust and resilient insects. They can survive exposure to high levels of radiation and toxic chemicals. If a cockroach survives exposure to chemicals used in an attempt to exterminate them, they can develop a stronger immunity and pass that immunity to their offspring. This is why conventional treatments often fail.

Exterior Conditions & Gaps

If you're having trouble getting rid of cockroaches in your Sacramento home, it may be that new roaches are getting inside to replace the ones you're exterminating. You need to address conditions around your home that are conducive to roach activity such as open trash, moisture problems, and organic debris. You also need to seal any gaps in your exterior. While it is impossible to seal every single crack, crevice, and gap that a cockroach could use to get inside, reducing access points helps with mitigation.

Cockroach Control For Sacramento Homeowners

There are many reasons that could be making it difficult for you to get rid of cockroaches in Sacramento. We've only scratched the surface. If you want the best solution to the roach infestation in your home, contact HomeShield Pest Control. We use industry-leading strategies and a multi-pronged approach to achieve full control of roach infestations. For ongoing pest control treatments for cockroaches or other local pests, reach out to us for immediate assistance. We can help!