Termites are always looking for food, and the unfortunate reality is that our Orange County homes are made of termite food. Termites don't need any other reason to get into our homes other than the fact that they eat wood, but this is far too simplistic an answer. Obviously, termites in Orange County feed on wood and that's the primary reason they invade Orange county properties, but what factors contribute to a termite infestation? There are actually many ways you can invite termites to invade your home or business. Here are some reasons why termites might choose to invade structures on your property.

a big termite

They've Found A Food Source In Your Yard

Long before termites feed on your property, they come into your yard. If you have food sources in your yard, not only can you attract termites, but you can also give termite colonies the food they need to grow their populations quickly. Consider these potential sources:

  • Stumps, logs, and dead branches
  • Trees with heart rot, or dead trees
  • Camp wood or fire pit wood that sits on the ground
  • Wood construction materials that sit on the ground
  • Wood pallets that sit on the ground
  • Scrap wood that is buried in the backyard
  • An old fence, deck, staircase, shed, or other structure
  • Trash on the ground, such as cardboard boxes, clothing, an old mattress, and other objects that have cellulose
  • Leaf piles and leaf litter

They've Found Conducive Conditions Near Your Home

Termites can be attracted to your yard even if there isn't a single food source. They're drawn to moisture. This is because a worker termite has thin skin that can dry out easily. These termites prefer to be in soil that is moist, and worker termites could have another reason for wanting to tunnel in moist soil; they're likely to find decaying wood on soil that is damp.

  • Clean your gutter system to prevent water from pouring over the sides of your gutters and dampening your perimeter.
  • Fix gutter breaks, broken downspouts, and damaged splash blocks.
  • Remove unnecessary vegetation from your landscaping.
  • Trim bushes and shrubs.
  • Water your landscaping in the early morning.

They've Found An Entry Point

Drywood termites attack Orange County homes from the surface. They don't tunnel into your yard and attack your home by way of the ground. They find gaps and cracks in your exterior. When they do, they can establish a colony inside the wood of your home. This could be why termites invade your property. You can deter them by sealing any potential entry points. It also helps to have routine treatments applied around your exterior. This will bolster your defenses and prevent termites from exploiting tiny entry points you didn't see.

They Didn't Find Your Exterior Protected

The most important reason why termites damage Orange County properties is that termite control products aren't present. Termite damage can be prevented with the application of liquid termiticides or the installation of termite bait stations. It is also possible to reduce your risk of termite damage without the installation of control products.

When you invest in a residential pest control program in Orange County, you get routine inspections performed by a licensed professional. If termite warning signs are found, you are quickly alerted to the threat. When termites find your exterior entirely unprotected, they're able to secretly damage your property for years. This can be costly. Termites are an annual, multi-billion dollar threat to U.S. properties.

Stop Termites In Their Tracks

The best solution for termites is ongoing termite control protection. We recommend investing in a residential pest control program. It is the least expensive option. Keep in mind that there are many reasons to invest in residential pest control for your Orange County home. Termites are far from the only pests that can damage your property. Plus we have a long list of pests that can present health threats.

When you have ongoing pest control services in Orange County, you get appropriate, seasonal treatments and routine inspections. Pests don't get a chance to sneak up on you. This is particularly helpful for termites. The reason termites cost U.S. property owners so much each year is that they are incredibly sneaky pests. You can have millions of termites feeding on your Orange County property right now and not know it. You can stand in your yard and have millions of termites tunneling underneath your feet and be unaware. Don't let termites take a bite out of your equity; get protected today!

The Next Step

If you live in Orange County, contact HomeShield Pest Control. We will guide you toward the right pest control solution for your home or business. There are many options available. Reach out to us today and drop us a line. We're here to help you address all of your pest concerns.