Reliable Pest Management In Marysville, CA

Once known as a gold mining town, Marysville is now a small yet diverse city that’s nestled between the Feather River and the Yuba River. It’s bursting with local shops, restaurants, farmers markets, attractions, and easy access to Sacramento; residents of Marysville have it all. They also get to enjoy a warm climate year-round that’s broken up by a mild winter, but unfortunately so do the pests that make their way into your home or place of business.

Since 2009, HomeShield Pest Control has been keeping homeowners and business owners alike free from pests with the highest quality pest control possible. With our emphasis on premiere eco-friendly products, reliable customer service, and a wide variety of services offered, we can make your pest control goals a reality. We cover everything from protection from common area pests to attic cleanings to insulation installations so that you can have total peace of mind. Contact us today to start living pest-free.

Residential Pest Control In Marysville, CA

When you live in Marysville, pests can lurk anywhere, causing damage to your property and to your health that may feel insurmountable. That’s where HomeShield Pest Control comes in.

We work hand-in-hand with homeowners to understand their specific needs from start to finish. With our initial inspection of your property, our expert technicians leave no stone unturned in our search for pests or conditions that could be attracting them.

From there, we work with homeowners to provide them treatments and a schedule of maintenance that fits their schedule and budget. With EcoSmart products, we’re able to offer residential clients the only 100% green insecticide that has been proven effective.

We are dedicated to providing you results, we guarantee it. Contact us today for your initial inspection and get started with our residential pest control services in Marysville!

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Commercial Pest Control In Marysville, CA

When you run a business, you know what one small bump in the road can feel like. Don’t let pests be that for your business. Whether big or small, any pest infestation can cost you in damage, reputation, and the health of your people. When our highly trained technicians come to inspect your property, they will scrupulously look at every nook and cranny for potential infestations and any conditions that could attract pests.

Together, we will develop a customized course of treatment along with a regular maintenance regimen that fits your schedule, budget, and goals. By providing our commercial clients with EcoSmart products, we can ensure that our services are safe for your staff as well as the environment. And with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured that pests will have no place in your business. Contact us today for more information and to schedule your initial commercial pest control inspection.

A Reference Guide To Cockroaches In Marysville, CA

Cockroaches are a pervasive pest in the Marysville area, and one you never want to see in your home. This is what you need to know about cockroaches:

  • They are tenacious. Did you know that cockroaches can live for one month without food, one week without water, and for some species, a week without their head?
  • They carry bacteria and diseases. Cockroaches are known spreaders of cholera, salmonella, streptococcus, and more through their saliva, body parts, eggs, and fecal matter. 
  • They love dirty homes. While this isn’t the only thing that attracts cockroaches, it’s certainly one of the most prevalent. When dishes pile up in the sink or the trash doesn’t get taken out for a while, cockroaches come looking for a free buffet. 
  • They also love moisture. Things like leaky faucets, bathtubs, showerheads, irrigation systems, and pipes are the perfect place for cockroaches to infest. 

Over time, cockroaches have grown resistant to most over-the-counter insecticides and traps/baiting is an unsightly process that doesn’t get to the root cause of your problem. For thorough, safe cockroach control services in Marysville, CA, contact the professionals at HomeShield Pest Control today.

Why Homeowners & Potential Buyers In Marysville Should Have A Termite Inspection

Each year, termites cost American homeowners approximately $5 billion in damage, with the average household spending upwards of $3,000 to rectify their issues. Termites work in secretive ways, typically inside your home walls or underneath your home’s foundation, meaning that their damage can grow unnoticed for long periods of time. Termites are difficult to spot, so if you are unlucky enough to spot a termite, or the damage they cause, you most likely have a full-blown infestation on your hands.

Prevention is key when it comes to termites, so potential homebuyers should absolutely invest in a professional termite inspection in Marysville to have any properties assessed for conditions like damaged wood that could attract a potential infestation, as well as the presence of actual termites. Contact HomeShield Pest Control today for a termite assessment that you can trust.

Specialty Services We Provide In Marysville, CA

At HomeShield Pest Control, we provide a variety of specialty pest control services, include the following options:

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