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Answering Questions About Pigeons That Live In The Sacramento Region

September 23, 2022

Insects are usually the targets when property owners seek services for pest control in the Sacramento region. If there are any additional needs, it’s often in regard to rodents or similar. Many people don’t know that wildlife management is just as pertinent. Creatures like pigeons can suddenly appear and damage your home or business. Even worse, they can bring about germs and illnesses.

Without animal control for birds in the Sacramento region, there might be continual swarms around your land. Pigeons especially are tough to eliminate after they’ve arrived. Keep reading to get crucial information about these critters. Also, discover how HomeShield Pest Control can assist you with local wildlife removal.

pigeon perched on concrete

Are A Pigeon And A Dove The Same Thing?

Pigeons are sometimes called “rock doves,” but that’s in name only. While both are a part of the Columbidae bird family, they’re two separate species. Pigeons are generally larger than their relatives, 11 inches long and roughly 13 ounces. Moreover, their frames are a bit stumpy. The majority are gray with a white backside, but some have different coloring. Black stripes are on their two wings and tail. Their pair of feet are red. To know that you’re dealing with pigeons and not another subtype, reach out to a wildlife expert.

What Do Pigeons Like To Eat?

One reason pigeons gather in urban and residential areas is to pick up the trash to find abandoned food. They’ll also munch on fruit-bearing plants, grains, and tiny pests. Creepy crawlers they’ll zero in on include worms, snails, and insects. When the eggs they lay hatch in a couple of weeks, the fowls will feed their young regurgitated matter. This material is called “pigeon milk.” Pigeons frequently sit in or around sheltered spaces while looking for a meal. You might see a few along with the structural voids, posts, and steeples of:

  • Bridges 
  • Feed mills
  • Grain elevators
  • Agricultural centers
  • Parks

Given how pigeons in the Sacramento area consistently surround human dwellings, proactive bird control is more than necessary. 

Are Pigeons Intelligent?

Not only are pigeons smart, but they have also been deemed some of the most intelligent animals on earth. Studies have shown they can notice their reflection and distinguish various photographs from each other. If they’re rewarded with a treat, they might be able to tell humans apart too.

How Can I Make The Pigeons Loitering On My Property Go Away For Good?

Folks underestimate local pest birds, allowing them to fly or walk on their property without obstruction. This can’t happen because one or two fowls will eventually become several. Pigeons have multiple mating periods, in which they’ll drop numerous eggs. As they get comfortable, they’ll defecate. You could slip and fall in their liquid feces. Further, their fungi-friendly waste contains acid that may ruin paint and age your home. 

Pigeons are bound to wreck your crops, greenery, and dumpsters. Should they get into vents and dryers, a fire might start. In regard to health, pigeons are associated with salmonella, toxoplasmosis, histoplasmosis, ticks, and fleas. Here’s how you can deter them:

  • Seal gaps in foundations, rooflines, and utilities. 
  • Get rid of standing water.
  • Remove open food sources in the yard.  
  • Put garbage in secured canisters. 
  • Avoid feeding birds. 
  • Attach covers to all outside vents and louvers. 

In case pigeons are a problem despite your efforts, contact us at HomeShield Pest Control. Our wildlife trapping, exclusion, and cleaning tools are of high quality and industrial grade. They won’t pose a threat to people, domestic animals, or your property. Trying to handle these birds independently is far too expensive and dangerous. Let the specialists on our staff take care of it! Call today for a free quote!

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