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Keeping Bed Bugs From Entering Your Home In The Sacramento Region

May 24, 2022

Bed bugs are small parasites that consume the blood of humans and animals. They have an oval-shaped body that appears reddish-brown and are primarily nocturnal—preferring to attack humans as they sleep. Bed bugs are most commonly transported into homes inadvertently within people’s bags, suitcases, or clothing.

Are you struggling to determine what kills bed bugs and how to keep bed bugs away? Contact a licensed professional that is well-equipped to oust these pests. 

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Sacramento Pest Control

Professional pest exterminators can identify hidden bed bugs and use treatment options that eliminate them. These experts are also trained in operating safely to protect humans and the environment. 

The Lifecycle Of The Sacramento Region Bed Bug 

Female bed bugs can produce several eggs per day that appear in shades of white or yellow. The eggs are often positioned in small clusters near mattresses or in small crevices. After hatching, undeveloped bed bugs (nymphs) that are a pale color emerge and seek their first blood meal. 

A female may produce hundreds of offspring over their lifespan, which is usually several months. This strong reproductive capacity can cause a relatively minor bed bug intrusion to rapidly develop over a span of several weeks into a large infestation. 

What's It Like To Live With A Bed Bug Infestation?

Many property owners that are facing an infestation do not know where bed bugs hide. Often, the initial sign of a bed bug invasion is when a home’s occupant notices bite marks on the skin that are red, itchy, and irritated. Look for small blood stains or darker smears of their excrement on sheets, pillowcases, mattresses, and other bedding material. 

Although bed bugs are unlikely to spread diseases, many of those with a bed bug infestation experience significant anxiety and have difficulty sleeping. 

5 Simple Ways To Keep The Bed Bugs Away

Knowing what attracts bed bugs is one of the most important aspects of keeping these bothersome pests away from your Sacremento home. Some of the best practices include: 

  1. Upon entering a hotel room, closely inspect the bedding materials and area surrounding the beds for any evidence of bed bug activity. 

  2. In hotel rooms, place clothes, bags, and luggage on hard surfaces instead of carpeting, the bed, or upholstered furniture. 

  3. If you suspect that you or your belongings were exposed to bed bugs, promptly wash all clothing items and machine dry them using a heated setting. 

  4. When returning from traveling, thoroughly inspect your bags, suitcases, and clothes for any indications of bed bugs. 

  5. Remember to check for bed bugs before bringing second-hand furniture or appliances into the home.

Keep in mind that these pests are small and may be difficult to see with the naked eye. 

Permanent Bed Bug Removal   

Many property owners underestimate how a rather minor bed bug intrusion can quickly develop into a full-blown infestation. Detecting bed bug problems early on is important, as these pests can begin multiplying and spread into adjacent areas of a home. 

A seasoned pest exterminator knows the types of locations where bed bugs hide to remain undetected. Some of the most likely locations include piles of clothing or other clutter, beneath pieces of furniture or appliances, and in other cracks and crevices within striking distance of a bedroom. Bed bugs will anxiously await nightfall to emerge and begin crawling toward any source of a blood meal. 

Experienced Team Of Pest Control Professionals 

The local specialists with HomeShield Pest Control have been properly trained regarding what attracts bed bugs, what kills bed bugs, and how to keep bed bugs away. After conducting a detailed inspection, our technician can select the most effective treatment plan. We will also perform a timely follow-up to ensure the infestation has been completely eradicated. 

Contact our team today regarding an onsite inspection.

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