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Seven No-Sweat Pest Prevention Tips For Orange County Homeowners

April 23, 2021

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Let's be honest. Pest control isn't easy, especially here in Orange County where temperatures are warm enough to allow pests to be active all year. If you want to keep pests from getting into your home, it takes effort. Sometimes, a lot of effort. But not all pest prevention is difficult. Today, we're going to offer up seven no-sweat pest prevention tips that can help you deter pests from being active in and around your Orange County home.

fruit flies on a banana

1. Store Fruit In The Fridge

Fruit flies and fungus gnats can be irritating pests. These tiny insects can start appearing in your home by the dozens. The secret to preventing a fruit fly infestation (or to prevent a fungus gnat infestation from getting worse) is to store fruit in your fridge instead of on display in your kitchen.

2. Address Exterior Lighting

Many insect pests are attracted to lights. If you keep lights on at night, you can bring insects into your yard. The simple solution is to keep lights off at night, but this might be impractical, especially if you have security concerns. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Replace white lights with yellow lights. Insects are far less attracted to yellow lighting. This can go a long way toward making your home less interesting to insects at night.

  • Draw your shades to prevent light on the interior of your home from attracting insects on the outside of your home.

  • Turn entry lights on only when you need them. Open doors are common entry points for flying insect pests.

3. Store Food In Sealed Containers

There are a group of insects that can lay eggs in your pantry foods. These pests can get in from the outside but they may also be carried in with your groceries. You can prevent an infestation by transferring pantry foods to sealed containers.

4. Put Pet Food Down Only During Meals

The food your dog or cat eats can be more than enough for a pest. If you put food down during meals and pick the bowls back up, you'll prevent pests from getting a meal.

5. Use Your Bathroom Fan

It doesn't take any sweat to turn the fan on in the bathroom during a shower or bath, but many people don't do it. Perhaps, because they don't realize how much it can prevent pest activity in their bathrooms, or homes. Always use your fan to vent moisture and reduce humidity.

6. Put Dirty Dishes In Soapy Water

Pests Have no trouble eating food that is stuck to your dishes. If you put dirty dishes in soapy water, it will prevent pests, particularly ants, from finding a meal. This can prevent the establishment of an interior nest.

7. Sweep Tiny Nests Away

Every spring, wasps try to establish nests on Orange County properties. If you know where to look for these nests, and you remove them early, you can prevent a stinging hazard.

What to look for — A gray, paper structure with visible hexagonal catacombs inside.

Where to look — You'll find these starter nests tucked under rooflines on structures, or in sheltered areas, such as a window or door frame.

What to do — Wasps are active during the day. If you wait until the middle of the day and check to see that there are no wasps crawling on the tiny starter nest, you can use a broom to quickly sweep it away.

A Few Tips That Will Require More Effort

  • Clean under and around appliances to remove organic matter that pests eat.

  • Address clogged gutters or gutter breaks.

  • Declutter your interior and the perimeter around your home.

  • Identify entry points in your exterior and seal them. Pay particular attention to the weatherstripping and door sweeps on your exterior doors.

  • Repair window and door screens.

  • Repair leaky faucets and showerheads.

  • Make sure your trash receptacles are as clean as possible and free of strong odors.

Orange County Pest Control

These natural pest control strategies can make a big difference and bring pest activity below your threshold of comfort. If pest control products are needed, reach out to HomeShield Pest Control for a one-time, or year-round home pest control service. Our licensed pest professionals are always available to provide you with the highest level of pest management for your Orange County home. We can help!

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