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carpenter ant crawling on sawdust

May 30 2023

A Useful Ant Prevention Guide For Los Angeles County Homeowners

Don't let ants invade your home. Check out our useful ant prevention guide for Los Angeles County homeowners and keep your home ant-free.

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ants on a kitchen dish

Feb 18 2023

Ant Control 101: What Every Los Angeles County Homeowner Ought To Know

Are you having trouble getting rid of the ants in your home? Here is a look at what every homeowner should know about ant control.

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ants crawling on food

Feb 14 2023

How Do I Get Rid Of An Ant Infestation In My Vero Beach Home?

Have an ant problem? Learn the best way to get rid of ants in your home.

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ant on a stick

Oct 15 2022

Are You Struggling To Keep Ants Out Of Your Vero Beach Home?

Do you know all the problems ants can bring into your Vero Beach home? Learn why ants are invading and how to keep them out.

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ants on a sidewalk

Sep 27 2022

Don't Ignore An Ant Problem In Vero Beach!

Seeing ants around your Vero Beach home? Learn why they're there, and how this can mean trouble for you and your family.

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close up of fire ants

Apr 07 2022

Are Fire Ants In Los Angeles Something To Worry About?

This informative guide explains fire ants, their bites, and how HomeShield Pest Control can keep your Los Angeles County home pest-free.

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ants crawling on a cupcake in a home in orange county

Jun 04 2021

Why Ants Invade Orange County Homes & How To Keep Them Out

Having ants can feel like an invading army is occupying your home. These pests come marching out in force to steal your food, and no matter ...

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a carpenter ant crawling on damaged wood in sacaramento

Feb 10 2021

The Sacramento Region's Guide To Carpenter Ant Damage Identification

Discovering lines of ants in your Sacramento home is a sobering experience, but hoards of ants poring out of freshly burrowed holes in your ...

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