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seagull on the coast

Jan 17 2023

The Trick To Keeping Roosting Birds Away From Your Vero Beach Property

Pest birds are a problem in Vero Beach. HomeShield Pest Control explains why they are roosting on your property and how to get rid of them s...

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pigeon on a nest with two eggs

Nov 10 2022

The Struggle With Pesky Pigeons In San Diego County

Pigeons can become more than a nuisance in San Diego County, but the professionals at HomeShield Pest Control have the solution to keeping t...

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pigeon in san diego

Oct 15 2022

How To Keep The Birds In Orange County At Bay

Deterring birds from your Orange County property can be easy with HomeShield Pest Control. Learn more about how our services can help keep b...

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pigeon perched on concrete

Sep 23 2022

Answering Questions About Pigeons That Live In The Sacramento Region

Pigeons are problematic in the Sacramento region. They bring pests and illnesses and damage property. You should learn as much as you can ab...

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a pigeon standing on a block of cement

Jun 24 2022

The Pigeons In The Sacramento Region Can Be A Pain

Pigeons can be a nuisance if they flock to your Sacramento region property. Find out how you can deter these birds with the help of a pest c...

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a pigeon in a park

May 17 2022

Help! I Have Too Many Pigeons Around My Orange County Property

Has your property become a home for pigeons or other unwanted birds? Contact a local pest control professional to discuss the best available...

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pigeon on a picnic table

Apr 21 2022

Are Pigeons Taking Over Your Home In The Sacramento Region?

Find out what you can do to eliminate these pests from your Sacramento Region property.

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close up of a pigeon in san diego

Jun 25 2021

San Diego County Property Owners Ultimate Pest Bird Control Guide

Allowing birds to run rampant on your property is a huge mistake, as these pest animals can destroy property and spread disease same as any ...

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a pigeon walking on the pavement in san diego

Jan 22 2021

Why You Don't Want Birds Hanging Around Your San Diego County Property

When you hear the words “pest animal,” birds probably aren’t the first things that pop into your head. However, they can be a real pain in t...

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